Adventure Awaits

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my next step in life. I’m more than half way through university, and I soon need to work out what the hell I’m going to do when I finish. What’s for sure is that recording is my one true love (Minus my girlfriend, don’t hit me Charlotte).

So a studio seems the way to go, working in one or owning one. Both of these prospects are completely terrifying. In the UK, London is the go to place if you want to work in a commercial studio. But with moving to London comes London prices and living on nothing working as an assistant and I like being able to eat. But opening a studio requires lots of upfront cash and a hell of a lot of work. Even then you never know if people will come record and you may waste a lot of money for nothing. There’s no clear answer, just to try to do the math and see which seems feasible.

There’s definite pluses to each, there’s so much to learn from the professionals but equally lots to learn from trying to figure it out on your own. Dream scenario, I’d get a job at a big studio work my way up and eventually open my own studio. But we’ll see… Either way I want an adventure and I won’t settle for any less. Anyone who knows me probably knows I’m pretty stubborn and I’m not prepared to be bored at any rate.

Basically, I’m having an identity crisis. So as soon as I can I’m going to bury myself in mixing until everything makes sense. Mixing makes everything better. I think this is probably something everyone goes though, so If my fellow brothers (and sisters) in audio are feeling the same I hope this may comfort you. To the future!

Thanks for reading,



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